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At SWVT, we are committed to helping you through the financial assistance process and to provide options for those students who are committed and serious about their career path personal success. For that reason, we are constantly adopting and exploring a multitude of resources to assist with financial assistance. The financial assistance office primary focus is to make sure that your dreams and personal success is a reality. "If you think education is expensive, try ignorance." Peter F Drucker.


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Paid In Full (PIF)

This option provides the student the opportunity to pay in full at the time of enrollment and receive a discount on on the tuition cost (excludes additional expense and course materials). This means, full payment must be paid at the time of enrollment.

Institutional Payment Plans 

Under this plan, a deposit is due prior to starting a career program. The balance is paid in equal payments over the length of the program. All financial obligation must be met prior to final exam and collection of diploma or certificate. All payments are interest free, however a $30 admin fee is require and late fees may occur if the commitment is not met. The first payment is due 2 weeks from the day the student begins school and the same day each month thereafter until the balance is paid in full.

Advanced Paying Option (APO)

This option allows students to make payment towards a future class. The student will be added to a waiting list until the full payment is received and then he or she may start classes. For example; (John wants to start classes in January, but she does not have the money to pay. John can create a flexible, weekly, biweekly or month plan starting in September or earlier to start classes in January). There is no admin fee, interest or advance payment penalty.
The financing option is similar to a loan which requires you to make monthly payment. While the loan is not credit driven, you must have a valid checking account and least 30% deposit to be considered.  The loan must be processed at least 2 weeks prior to the start of a new program. These financing options are managed by 3rd parties and SWVT will work with you to keep your monthly payments low and affordable.


This option allows student to make monthly payments through a third party. While credit is not a factor, a valid checking account, a blank check, driver's license and social is required to apply. This financing option must be processed at least 2 weeks prior to the start date of class. This is a great option for the student who are not qualified for a grant and unable afford the two payment options provided above. SWVT will assist with the process from beginning end ensuring that your monthly payment plans are low and affordable.

Are you disabled, unemployed, receiving social services ?

WIOA Training Scholarships

This is a training scholarship grant offered to those that meet specific criteria through the Workforce Opportunity Investment Act. You must apply online at http://www.careersourcepbc.com/ABOUTUS/JobSeekers/TrainingOpportunities/WIOATrainingScholarships.aspx to be considered as a potential candidate for this program. The WIOA Scholarship grant program may be considered to those who are unemployed, receiving social services or maybe low income. All applications are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. The Medical Assistant, Patient Care Tech and Accounting Specialist programs at the Cape Coral location is approved for this grant. Please contact your local office or our office to get started. You must apply at least 30 days prior to the start date of your desire program.

Bright Futures Scholarship (FAS, FMS, GSV)

Please visit http://www.floridastudentfinancialaid.org/ to see if you qualify for the Florida Bright Futures scholarship. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our office. This provided website will provide you with all necessary resources. Application is listed on website as well

Scholarships for Children/Spouse of Deceased or Disabled Veterans

The Scholarships for Children and Spouses of Deceased or Disabled Veterans (CSDDV) provides funding for tuition and registration fees at an eligible public postsecondary institution to dependent children or unremarried spouses of qualified Florida veterans. Students who attend an eligible private postsecondary institution will received a fixed award amount by using the average matriculation and fee calculation for full-time attendance at a public postsecondary education institution at the comparable level. This application opens December 1st and must be completed by April 1st. Please visit this website on for futher information and how to applyhttp://www.floridastudentfinancialaid.org/.

Vocational Rehabilitation (VR)

Vocational Rehab is to help people with disabilities find and maintain employment and enhance their independence. If you are currently disabled or on disability, the VR might be able to provide you with tuition assistance based on your qualification. To locate an office nearest you, click here http://www.rehabworks.org/area5_offices.shtml


The SECO Program’s MyCAA is a financial scholarship that military spouses can qualify for to help them fund their educational training. You may qualify for up to $4000 during the time of attending school. This applies to certificate and AS degree spouses.  Please visit this website for more information myseco.militaryonesource.mil/Portal.


SWVT offers two scholarship per year for the Florida residents and single parents. The scholarships will cover a portion of tuition or additional materials. You are encouraged to apply for this scholarship anytime of the year. You will receive a decision within 30 days. Please email the financial office today to receive the packet.

Please mail your scholarship package to:

Southwestern Vocational Training
Scholarship Committee
120 Del Prado Blvd. South. 101
Cape Coral, FL 33990
Deadline to apply: Anytime of the year


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