Admission Policies

Admission Policies

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  • SWVT is open to all applicants desiring to obtain a driven career.  Applicants are interviewed and screened by an admissions representative or the director of admissions.  The interview process is to determine an applicant’s ability to benefit from the training provided and to discuss the program requirements and content, tuition and fees.  Registration fee is due upon acceptance in the program. Discrimination is highly prohibited through that process. All students will be treated and handled with professionalism, honesty and fairness.


  • Students who wish to enroll in a program at SWVT must fill out an application at the campus with Student Services and meet the requirements below. Student services are open Monday through Thursdays 9:00 A.M – 5:00 P.M. The Student Service office is closed on weekends and all major holidays as per the student catalog.


  • SWVT does not discriminate against students due to previous criminal backgrounds. However each student is responsible to see if they may qualify for state licensure, if applicable. Also, SWVT does not discriminate against students with disabilities, but there might be certain agencies that have restrictions for employment or clinical purposes.


  • SWVT reserves the right to cancel a program before the commencement date. If a program is cancelled prior to the start date, each student will be refunded in full of their monies. SWVT will attempt to reschedule the cancelled program at a later time. The student has the right to transfer to that class without any penalties.  A program may be cancelled during its progress if the Director of Education deems it is necessary.



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