9 Ways to Pay for Your Tuition

9 Ways to Pay for Your Tuition

9 Ways to pay for your tuition

December 28, 2014

educationOne of the most frequent questions that we get from prospective students is “do you offer financial Aide?” The answer to this question is no because we do not accept FAFSA. However, we have an array of other financial assistance options to assist you. Below are 9 ways to pay for your tuition.


Paid in Full discount program (PIF) This option provides a 10% discount for the enrollment of a career program. This means, full payment must be paid at the time of enrollment.


Payment Plan option (PPO) This option allow students to pay tuition in 2-4 payments, while attending classes. There is only two restrictions; a one time $30 payment plan fee and the full payment must be paid at the completion of the class.

Advanced paying option (APO) This option allow students to make payment towards a future class. The student will be added to a waiting list until the full payment is received and then he or she may start classes. For example; Joan wants to start classes in January, but she does not have the money to pay. Joan can create a flexible, weekly, biweekly or month plan starting in September or earlier to start classes in January.


Tuition Financing (Loan) option Tuition Financing is similar to a loan. However, it is not credit driven. A 20% deposit of the total cost, plus registration fee is due at signing. There is also an additional interest and administrative fee added to the principal. Payments are due on a monthly basis for 6-12 months. The only restriction, applicants do not receive an original certificate until the term of the loan and applicants must be employed for at least 90 days prior to applying.

Vocational Rehabilitation assistance (VR) Vocational Rehab is to help people with disabilities find and maintain employment and enhance their independence. If you are currently disabled or on disability, the VR might be able to provide you with tuition assistance based on your qualification. To locate an office nearest you, click here http://www.rehabworks.org/area5_offices.shtml

Disabled Veterans Assistance (DVA) If you are a disabled Veterans, the VR for Department of  Veterans Affair may be able to assist you. For assistance, please contact your local office at 239-672-8693.

MYCAA (for active duty military spouses)

The Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA) of the Department of Defense is an educational financing program for spouses of active duty service members and activated guard and reserve members. MyCAA offers up to $4,000 to eligible military spouses to pursue certifications or licenses for portable careers. To apply for this scholarship, please contact our main location at 239-214-0717.

Single Parent Scholarship SVT offers this scholarship times a year. Any single parent is welcome to apply for this scholarship for a chance to be awarded. An application, reference letter and an essay is required. To receive the scholarship packet, simply email us at studentservices@southwesternvocational.com. The deadlines to apply are: March 31st, June 31st and September 31st and December 31st


CEPA corporate program This program is designed for corporate partners. Several local Home Health Agency and some facilities are on our list of corporate partners. This affiliation provides a 10% discount to applicants referred by one of our affiliates. Applicant must be a referral from that facility with the CEPA student enrollment form. If your employer is not on our corporate list, please have them contact the office to start the process. It is simple and fast to sign up and extremely beneficial for employees who are seeking a career change or advancement.


For more information on any of the financial assistance programs listed above, please contact us at 239-214-0717.


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